Prices as before was Kshs 10,800 Now Kshs 9,500

    The spy bulb WiFi camera is a 360 degree wide angle camera that can be used to monitor activities in your business such as Mpesa shops, beauty parlours, office or even home.

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  • Flash Drive Voice Recorder

    Prices as before was Kshs5,500 Now Kshs 4,500

    The Flash Drive Voice Recorder is extremely useful in places where for the sake of privacy you wouldn’t want to put a video recorder for instance in the nanny’s room.

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  • Spy Pen Camera

    Prices as before was Kshs 6,900 Now Kshs 6,500

    Ideal for business and on the move video recording surveillance. Are you about to sign that life changing land transaction? Or just about to buy a car from a not too trusting car broker or in a meeting in which you need to get damning information? Then the spy pen camera is your next best friend.

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  • WIFI remote surveillance camera

    Prices as before was Kshs 13,500 Now Kshs 8,500

    View remotely anywhere in the world at the comfort of your android phone/Ipad or browser.

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    Prices as before wasKshs 11,600 Now Kshs 10,800

    This Wall Clock with WiFi hidden camera is a actually a practical and beautiful clock that serves the purpose of keeping time in your home and at the same time watches every single move that happens in your home.

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  • Remote Access Table Clock WiFi Camera

    Prices as before was Kshs 9,900 Now Kshs 9,500

    This camera can record both continuous video or by motion detection. A motion sensor built into the nanny cam will detect movement and begin recording automatically. You won’t need to worry about manually starting the recording.

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Our Pledge
Welcome to Nanny Cameras Kenya. We pride ourselves in offering the best Spy Hidden Nanny Cameras offered at very discounted and affordable prices in Kenya today. Our pledge is to give you the best of the best in the Kenyan market.
Our range of Nanny Cameras include:-

  • Digital Table Clock Cameras
  • Wall Clock WiFi Cameras
  • Bulb WiFi Cameras
  • Dashboard Cameras for Cars
  • Audio Recorders
  • Spy Pens/Spy Glasses/Spy Watches

For as low as Kshs 4,500 get a spy hidden nanny camera that can help you monitor your loved ones..

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